RWAV - Summer 1993

Table of Contents

  • Editorial by Philip Ayres
  • Editorial

    Look! No Cover!

    Hi all, and welcome to another edition of more of the same as the last few.

    If, per chance, you would like something slightly different in the mag, then It?s up to YOU to write it, cos I can?t write everything, and I can only write on certain subjects (which subjects should be obvious to readers).

    Any contributions for future mags are to be given to me, Mike Collins, Sean Scaplehorn or Chris Haynes, who between us make up the editorial team for the magazine. If you are sending us a text file (this is the preferred mode of submission) the mail files should be sent to phillipa (if you are in the comp sci dept), or submitted on any 3.5? discs. By all means send E\TEXfiles, but please forget any maketitles, end etc.

    Another quiz as soon as we persuade Colin to write one (back to the usual easy standard this time please, and none of that hard stuff you dished up last time Colin. - Eds).

    For anyone who wants to come the regular meetings are in the Royal Ascot pub, at 8:00 pm on a Thursday.

    Come early and stay all day!

    The rest of us do.

    by Philip Ayres