RWAV - October 1993

Table of Contents

  • Colin Speaks by Colin Goswell
  • Howdly Doodly Doo!! by Philip Ayres
  • A Rune With A View by Philip Ayres
  • Colin Speaks

    Hello All.

    Welcome to another year of Science Fiction and Fantasy at Royal Holloway college. I would especially like to welcome all new members to the society.

    As we look forward to the new year there will be the usual events taking place, video evenings, regular socialising (Drinking-Philip) down the Ascot on a Thursday, and the inevitable quizes (New Quiz Masters welcome - I'm running out of questions) Apart from the regular events we're hoping to run a members social evening (Horrible Phrase, Innit? - Philip), book fares, convention trips and anything else within reason that members can think of.

    We have a library currently standing in excess of 12000 books, though, as usual, we are looking for a motivated person to house it on Campus. If you can offer any help please have a word or contact me through the History department pigeon holes. The Library contains a wide range of literature from Asimov to Zelany, Sci-Fi, fantasy and a growing number of horror books, although thieving toad keeps nicking them. We even have a few French books as you will see from the booklist.

    This year we have re-introduced mmebership cards. Please take care of them as you will need them to rent books from the library and to receive membership discounts at our events.

    We, IFIS, also produce a magazine, A Rune With a View, in association with GameSoc, of which you have a copy. ANY material is welcome in the form of articles, reviews, criticsisms, lampoons and cartoons. This year could the cartoons be original, as we might run into some copyright problems. Apart from our mag, we are hoping to get subscriptions to some commercial mags depending on our theoric allocations from the Union.

    If you can't find a friendly face, find a committee member. They don't bite (Well, Maybe occassionally, if they haven't got a pint (Can you afford to take the risk? - Philip)

    We should all have a great time this year, and I'm looking forward to seeing you at the meetings.


    Colin Goswell

    IFIS Chairman

    by Colin Goswell

    Howdly Doodly Doo!!

    Hello, and welcome to the first A Rune With A View for 93/94. My name's Philip (Yes the same one who's inserted all those sarchastic comments) and I'm partial responsible for what you are reading. Thanks to Colin for that little contribution (I have to be nice to him cos he's bigger than me)

    by Philip Ayres

    A Rune With A View

    This is the official magazine of both IFIS and Gamesoc. You will have been given this at Freshers Fayre, and part of this issue will tell you what both societies are all about, while the rest will feature the normal blend of articles and reviews found in the mag.

    The mag is put together by Sean Scalpehorn (He who also writes sarchastic comments) & Philip Ayres (See the editors, that's us that is! Phil & Sean) and is written by members of the society. Contributions may be sent to us via the comp sci dept in either the A or S pigeon holes marked either PHILIP AYRES or SEAN SCAPLEHORN, or the 'A' REID pigeon hole, or emailed to phillipa or seans in the comp sci dept. Contributions on paper (typed, handwritten, enscribed on £5 - we don't care! Phil) (Larger denominations please - IFIS treasurer) or a tex file on a 3.5 disc (we like this it means we don't have to retype it)

    We will print absolutely (well, almost) anything. If you've read this mag and have thought "They haven't got an article on X" then write it for us and we'll print it next time, and the chances are there will be someone else in the socities who would like to read it. If nobody puts pen to paper or digit to keyboard then we will either not printing anything, or it'll be filled with Doctor Who & Star Trek from Philip, and Red Dwarf from Sean. I (Philip) don't like role play, so I can't write about that, and though my sci-fi knowledge is reasonably good outside my two specialist subjects for the mag to be balanced properly I need YOU to write something for me.

    You can either write an article on an author, program, series, RPG etc, or a review of specific book, video, program. Read the mag and you'll get the gist of it.

    by Philip Ayres