New Chronicles - Issue 2

Table of Contents

  • Cover art by unknown
  • Room Bookings by unknown
  • Campaigns by unknown
  • Thieves' World by unknown
  • Figure Painting by unknown
  • 10% Discount by unknown
  • Games Shop Guide by unknown
  • Cover art


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    Room Bookings

    The number of room bookings by Gamesoc has been increased. In addition to the regular Tuesday night meetings we now have the lecture block on two other occasions: WEDNESDAY evening, for RPG campaigns; currently Thieves' World and Simon Barker's AD&D are running. SUNDAY afternoon now has a regular Star Fleet Battles session as well as the monthly Figure Painting; one-off RPG secnarios may also be run at this (see Daniel)

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    The next newsletter will be a campaigns special. Could all GMs please write up a short bit about theirs. Detail System/ Level/ Style etc. Also No. of players and whether any spares available. Jeremy will be hassling people about this in the near future.

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    Thieves' World

    This seems to be having trouble getting off the ground (no comments about aerial manoeverability). It will be running largely on Wednesday nights in Lecture Block. Tim is set up to do some introductory scenarios for players with little or no idea of the background. Jeremy has some material involving the Mageguild. The campaign needs lots more players and GMs to run different aspects of the city. See Tim at Gamesoc or IFIS. If you want to read up on the background, then IFIS has most of the books available for loan.

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    Figure Painting

    The firgure painting session held on the first Sunday of term was a great success. A good half-dozen painters turned up fully equiped and about twice that number were watching at various times. We have therefore decide to make it a regular event, to be held on Lecture Block on the first Sunday in each month. The next one will be on Sun 6th Nov at 1pm. All figure painters are weclome at these sessions. The last one featured a wide range of ability, and an even wider variety of styles.

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    10% Discount

    A shop in Stoke-on-Trent!?!, are offering a discount to members of IFIS and/or Gamesoc. They stock new and secondhand books as well as games. The shop is owned by Vicky's cousin and she knows all the details like the shop's address. Order by mail from the shop or find out when Vicky is going home next and send your order with her.

    by unknown

    Games Shop Guide

    Although the immediate Egham/ Staines/ Windsor area lacks a specialist games shop, there are a number within easy reach by train or car. The following is a fairly comprehensive list of those within reasonable distance. BEATTIES, Kingston, is a primarily a model shop. They have a good range of Citadel and Grenadier figures, plus a few games. They also stock modelling supplies! ESDEVIUM GAMES, Aldershot, is prehaps the best games shop in the country. They have a comprehensive stock of all the major figures and games, plus a vast amount of obscurities as well. Especially good for ages games/ magazines no longer available elsewhere. The staff are both knowledgable and helpful. This is essential as the shop is rather disorganised. GAMES UNLIMITED, Kingston, is a typical small independant shop. They have a limited stock from a variety of companies. Citadel and Grenadier figures if you can find the ones you want. GAMES WORKSHOP, Oxford st. and Hammersmith. The latter is our nearest gameshop if you have a car. OK if you like Chaos Mutant Ninja Spikeybits, crap otherwise. GAMES WORLD, Hammersmith, is just up the road from the last entry. Good stock of computer games, RPGs, Citadel+ Grenadier+ Ral Partha +Minifigs figures. ORCS' NEST, nr Cambridge Circus WC2, another indenpendant shop with a spectacular range of figures. Good stock of RPGs. Not to be missed when on Charing Cross Road (see last issue). VIRGIN GAMES, Oxford St, comprehensive stock of the major companies, but nothing very unusual except Ral Partha figures.

    Although their are no specialist shops, several local shops do stock (this line was completely unreadable - webeditor) stock artists materials useful in figure painting, as do BALFOUR NEWS, Egham. The latter also have the magazines The Dragon, GM and Interzone. They offer a 10% discount on production of a Union Card. RAILWAY WORLD, Egham, are a specialist model shop stocking such useful items as Humbrol enamels and Milliput.

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