RWAV - March 1999

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  • Editorial by Chris Lyth
  • Editorial

    Hello good evening and welcome to this, the new issue of Rune with a view. Once again I thank all those who have contributed articles. I also apologise to people for jumping up and down on their heads until they contributed.

    As you read through this issue, you will notice many articles have a strange box around them. These are the articles detailing the events of Killercon.

    Killercon for those who have not seen the posters is the name for this year?s annual games convention. Unsurprisingly an event organised by Gamesoc. This is going to be the largest event Gamesoc has ever organised with people (hopefully coming in from all over the country to take part, so if you wish to take part in any of the roleplaying events,


    I personally shall be running a Paranoia Role play. For those who are unfanmiliar with this game, it is ideal for those who have a death wish. At the beginning of the game you are given six identical clones of youself, because you WILL need them. The last time I Gmed this system, the party all died and all they were trying to do was paint a white corridor black. Of course it didn?t help that one of the player characters? own clones was attempting to assassinate him

    As for IFIS, events planned for this term involve a Manga night, the Star Wars trilogy, a B5 night, and possibly a showing of the Princess Bride. Times and dates are To Be Arranged

    by Chris Lyth