RWAV - October 1999

Table of Contents

  • Editorial by Chris Lyth
  • Editorial

    Hello good evening/morning/afternoon and welcome to the latest issue of Rune With A View.

    If you are a Fresher you probably have a lot of questions at the moment.


    I can help you with one of those questions. You are holding several pieces of paper with words printed on them. They form the official magazine of two societies - Gamesoc and IFIS, or indeed IFIS and Gamesoc. These are effectively sister societies so we share this magazine. In it you will find articles on various aspects of Science Fiction, fantasy and gameplaying.

    I, the editor am publicity officer of both societies at the moment. My name is Chris Lyth and I can be seen at the Ascot pub meeting most weeks. Alternatively my wife can be seen in my stead. (A 2 year old boy cannot be left by himself unfortunately.) As you might guess, I am a graduate, and therefore available to be given articles for Rune With A View all year round.

    There are several ways to give me articles.

    1. Hand me a floppy disc with an article on it in word6 compatible format
    2. Drop me an email at beeblebear@ or Clyth@ containing the text of the article. The computer I use for email in work does not like downloading attatchments, so simply copy your text into the mail and send it. I will do the rest.
    3. Hand me a piece of paper with your article on it.

    So if you have anything to say to the whole society about anything - a book review, a story or whatever, SEND IT MY WAY.

    by Chris Lyth