RWAV - Issue 11

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  • Editorial by Daniel Celano
  • Editorial

    Hi there!

    Here we go with another fun-packed edition of your favourite fanzine. In this edition we cover games, books, authors, films and videos. In fact, there is not a lot we do not cover. Whilst attendance at the Thursday meeting is up, the number of people writing material for this newsletter hasn?t changed much. It still comes down to a few bored souls putting pen to paper, finger to keyboard and actually doing something. For this edition I was happy to see that we got the material before people started to complain about the absence of the newsletter.

    Despite the attempts of the membership to be the first society to produce a newsletter on a single side of A6, we have managed to pull together quite a mixture of views, opinions and ideas (and maybe the odd insult) in a new exciting newsletter (sounds great doesn?t it).

    I would now normally go on to describe events for this term. Since the last video night the only event I have heard of is a quiz night and a video night, which will be held some time soon. So if you want to have another event I advise you to make enquiries at the next meeting.

    There are still things going on this term: more campaigns, wargames and pub meetings. To find out about these turn up at the Ascot (8.00pm) as per usual and ask around. Someone is bound to have an idea about what is going on or know a man who does.

    The library is still open for use (ask Chris Haynes). Feel free to use it. In fact ?please? use it, a.s it?s getter bigger and better every year! We are always on the lookout for new authors and books to buy. If you can think of a book you?d like us to acquire for the library, ask a committee member.

    Lastly and inost importantly are the elections planned for all posts in both societies. These will be held on the last Thursday in the term. Think about it: do you want a committee post'? The posts up for grabs are:

    IFIS: Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and maybe Vogon Security Officer.
    GamesSoc: Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Idiot.

    by Daniel Celano